Saturday, March 21, 2009

Aukje de Vries' Diary Day 62

Another very sunny, but cold day. The weather forecast says it will be the last sunny day. I will not let it go by unused. I get out my tour bicycle. I have a city bike that I bought second hand, but which serves me well for smaller distances in the city, and another, better bicycle that I use when going on longer trips. In the winter I cover it up, but now that spring is coming it is time to get it out. I go to a village, north of The Hague. It is said to be one of the richest communities in the country, but it has a nice old centre and a shopping street where many attractive shops are close together.

One of the things I hope to get there is a special kind of cat food, that I could not find any more in the supermarket close to where I live. The only supermarkets that are at a reasonable distance from my home belong to the same chain, called AH, so I have to go quite far when I want to shop in a different supermarket. The bike trip is nice. There are many crocuses and daffodils along the way. I do find the cat food I was looking for, but I also find things I did not look for: summer clothes. It is still cold and in order to try them on I have take off lots of clothes, but if I wait till later, the nicest items may have gone. I take a long time to make up my mind but end up with quite a few items, which can be combined nicely.

It will become urgent to go through my wardrobes and decide what to part with, which I find extremely difficult. I am always inclined to think that clothes, however old, might still come in handy some day, even if it were only to wear them on days when I don’t have to go out and have to do house work or gardening.

I see that the weekly journal of the Hague has a large article with a photograph of Trine and her colleague about the new museum. She is given a lot of credit for her work. That is very good, she deserves it.

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