Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aukje de Vries' Diary Day 60

A civil servant of the Ministry of Health Welfare and Sports (VWS) calls. He is dealing with the complaint we have filed with the Ombudsman. He apologizes and recognises our letter was not dealt with properly. He also invites me for a meeting in person. I prefer to do this with at least one other member of the group, so he sends me a list of dates and I will check with the others.

I also receive news that the other organisation, where we have problems, will receive a payment for its activities. This was already in the air, but we had to wait until another agency had made a similar decision. Now the two agencies have sent us their positive decision, which I immediately forward to all the members of the board. Most of them send me congratulations. It will make it a lot easier to function, but we will have to remember it is for one year only. As yet we do not have any structural funding.

It is another cold but bright day so I go again to Scheveningen, where there is a market today. It looks cheerful and is much more crowded than in the previous weeks.

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