Monday, March 16, 2009

Aukje de Vries' Diary Day 57

It is a day without appointments. I have to do some work on the diary and hope to get started with some other jobs that are waiting to be done. Surprise, or maybe not. The person with whom I had the difficult telephone call last week sends me an e-mail. This sounds more like a command than like a request. Nor does it propose a useful activity. I am asked to clarify in writing within 7 days what my issues are concerning the leadership of the organisation, so that these can be dealt with immediately. I wonder what her ideas are for dealing with them. Obviously it has not dawned on her what the real problem is.

She adds that I ought to be mindful that the management and leadership of the organisation are a collective responsibility. She must have regained her self-confidence and wants to show she is a strong leader. I am afraid this is not the kind of leadership the organisation needs. I send her a rather blunt message back, letting her know that I think I have been sufficiently clear and do not accept her commands. I hope that this is the kind of language she understands.

A little later I get a message from an other person, who has received the exact same message as I. She is furious, but has sent a very polite message back, saying she has already given her opinion.

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