Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aukje de Vries' Diary Day 44

In the morning we have a teleconference of the Executive Committee of the European organisation that deals with family carers. We discuss for an hour and a half, and there are some productive outcomes. The work to be done is more or less shared, although preparing documents for a meeting remains the secretary’s task and this can be time consuming, when a secretary like me, does not really have all the computer skills she needs.

I also promised to look at a European paper on health inequalities for Anbo and AGE. There are great differences between European countries, but also within countries. Europe wants to act on this issue, but the question is how. In my opinion it is not primarily a health issue, it has a lot to do with many other factors such as income, education, nutrition, housing, pollution etc. I try to come up with some practical suggestions for actions that can be carried out in the short term.

When Esther calls for one of our almost daily chats, and hears I am still working, she remarks “but you are always working”.

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