Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Aukje de Vries' Diary Day 51

The weather is very poor, it rains hard, I chicken out… too wet to go by bicycle to my history of art course. There is no bus going there. Besides, I have to pack for the trip to Brussels for the seminar on older volunteers. In the morning I work at the computer.

In April I’ll have to go to a meeting in Germany and I need to book a flight. I have found one that is cheap and convenient. I try to book it on the internet. My first attempt fails.

I believe I know where I have made a mistake. I try again. The second attempt fails as well, which I do not understand. I just have time enough to try a third time. I want to get it done, because the later I do it, the less the chances that the price will be as low as it is now. The third attempt is successful. I hurry to have lunch and go to the station.

I have been given a first class ticket for the train to Brussels. Normally I travel second class and the train is usually very crowded. So this is luxury.

In Brussels I walk to the hotel in the European quarter. While I go there it begins to rain. I had hoped to have a chance to walk a bit in the city: I always enjoy walking in cities, especially old cities, trying to find interesting spots, but the rain continues so I don’t see any point in going for a walk. I find a restaurant close to the hotel and go to bed in a decent time. Tomorrow it will be early day, earlier than I am used to!

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