Sunday, February 22, 2009

Aukje de Vries' Diary Day 35

It is again a grey day, but it does not rain so Martje and I decide we will go out for a hike today. Martje comes and picks me up and we go to the dunes not far from where I live.

We have a nice and long walk, and we take a route that I cannot remember having walked ever before. By the time we get back to the car it begins to rain. Weren’t we lucky?

At home I decide to finish my preparations for the tax return and to do some more administration. Tigger discovers that I have put a folder on the floor. He thinks this folder, which has an elastic band to keep it together, is a nice toy. He is not yet four years old and likes to play. I do not always appreciate his efforts to use my pens, pencils, papers, erasers and whatever else he finds on my desk or table as a toy, but he seems to like these better than a toy, which I made for him. He knows how to draw my attention and once he has decided he wants to eat, he does not stop bothering me until I have given him something. I am afraid I used the wrong pedagogic, or rather cat-agogic. That is because of Janus, the stray cat who invades my house through the cat flap whenever he believes I am gone and he can find something to eat here. Therefore I never leave any food out that Tigger has not eaten, but the consequence is that I feel I have to feed Tigger whenever he shows himself hungry.

It is quite late before I have finished and put away all the papers.

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