Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aukje de Vries' Diary Day 28

Back to the original format. Writing about a whole week was not easier nor taking less time than writing the daily entries.

Sunday morning my friend Cora from Amsterdam calls. Did you notice there is a broadcast on TV tonight about Russia? Yes I have and I want to see it. Cora and I have signed up for a trip to St Petersburg in August. We discovered a small travel agency that specialises in trips to Russia and we have actually found out that the Dutch organiser lives in St Petersburg, speaks Russian and seems to have many contacts there. We are looking forward a lot to this trip and try to gather some info before going there. So a TV programme is not to be missed. We discover that both of us want to see quite a few of the Sunday evening programmes and we wish each other a nice viewing day!

It does not yet rain but the forecast is bad again. I call my friend Martje in Rotterdam. We had hoped to go for a hike, but again the weather forecast keeps us from doing so. Instead we agree to meet halfway, in Delft. Delft is a lovely old city, known for its China, but also for its Technological University. It has many nice and small restaurants, so we decide to meet at the station in Delft and go to a restaurant in the city. It turns out that there are many young people (probably students) in the restaurant of our choice, but it has a nice atmosphere and the food is fine. For desert we choose a traditional dish: it is delicious and served very elegantly. We are both rather quiet. Do we both suffer from the end of winter? Martje also wants to see the programme about Russia so we do not linger but hurry back to the station. It is pouring rain.

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  1. Dear Dutch Friend,

    Why do you want to go to Russia? The government does not treat old people well. The average age of death in Russia compares to the average age of death in many parts of southern Africa.

    Maybe you will talk with authorities there. You always seem to speak up for us old people.

    Thanks, Ingebord