Saturday, February 7, 2009

Aukje de Vries' Diary Day 20

I am supposed to go to Amsterdam for a course on modern French literature at the Institut Fran├žais. I have read in the Christmas period the book we will discuss, but when I leafed through it yesterday on the train I noticed that I had forgotten a lot of concrete facts, like the names of some of the important characters, so I felt I really had to go through it again, to bring back the story. I’ll have to do it this morning. It rains. The trip from door to door is 2 hours: bus or bike in The Hague, then train, then tram or walk in Amsterdam. I feel very tired. I liked the book and it would be nice to hear what the others think about it. I have noticed that I seem to be less alert than many others on details or deeper meanings, I usually take a book more or less at “face value” and enjoy (or don’t enjoy) reading it. After some deliberations I decide not to go. A relaxing day at home and catching up with house work, some of my other tasks and a walk on the beach after it has cleared up, (which I see already happening), is more attractive.

Looking at my garden I see the first sign of spring… snowdrops.

I also happen to hear a radio broadcast; three persons discussing Wednesday’s debate in the 2nd Chamber. The former President of the 2nd Chamber ( member of the conservative party, now in opposition) and two Senators: one of CDA and the other of the LibDems (called D66, in opposition). In the part of the debate that I missed it has been decided that the questions asked by MPs and Senators, which have not yet been answered by the government, will be answered by the committee that will do the investigation. The representatives of opposition parties are very indignant about it, the CDA senator says he does not understand why and accuses them of making a fuss for party political reasons. But I, as a citizen, feel cheated. Our MPs are kept from exercising their constitutional right to ask information from the government. The government is accountable, not the committee.

In the afternoon, walking along the beach I think I have made the right decision not to go to Amsterdam. I buy myself a bunch of flowers on my way home.

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