Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aukje de Vries' Diary Day 32

Periodontist and hair dresser today. The hair dresser is in a part of town called Scheveningen. It used to be a separate village, a fishing village, but it has been annexed by The Hague. The saloon is run by two ladies. They used to be employed by a man who had his saloon very close to my house. He lived over the shop. Then one day he did not come down and they found him dead in bed. They were unemployed overnight. The two for them got along quite well and they decided to start a saloon for themselves. After a while they found a shop in Scheveningen, which they have furnished very nicely indeed. It is pleasant to go there and they welcome you as if you were an old friend. They seem to do all right. They have enough customers, they tell me. You can feel they enjoy running the saloon and I appreciate the personal touch, like seasonal flowers on every console.

I do some work, this time for the other secretariat, and that is all.

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