Saturday, October 20, 2012

Toward a Convention to Strengthen Older People's Rights

October 20, 2012

Dear Global Action on Aging Friend,

GAA has long advocated for a binding instrument that would guarantee the human rights of older persons.  And now, finally, we see some clear action at the UN.  The Government of El Salvador has submitted a draft resolution to the Third Committee of the current 67th UN Session calling for a "Comprehensive and integral international convention to promote and protect the rights and dignity of older persons."  (A/c.3/67/L.0)  Among many items, El Salvador wants to upgrade the Open Ended Working Groups (OEWG) to an "Ad Hoc Committee" open to UN States Members and observors. This Committee would collaborate in an intergovernmental process to consider proposals for a binding international convention to promote and protect the rights and dignity of older persons. It would work for no less than five days, listen to contributions from governments and NGOs and the private sector.  The Resolution asks for materials from many parts of the UN system, including the High Commissioner for Human Rghts, UN Women, and other units with special expertise.  And it suggests that the Ad Hoc Committee hold regional meetings throughout the world to hear recommendations about the content and practical issues to be considered in such a document.

Finally, it calls on the Ad Hoc Committee to prepare a first draft of an international conventon to promote and protect the rights and dignity of older persons.

Urge your government -- your Ambassador to the UN, your National Ministry on Aging, your Delegation in New York--to study this important initiative by El Salvador.  Older people have waited a long, long time for a guarantee of our human rights. 

And write to us -- please -- in the comment section.

Have a good weekend,
Susanne Paul for Global Action on Aging

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