Thursday, October 18, 2012

More older people working in elder caregiving jobs

NPR staffer Jennifer Ludden reports on National Public Radio that "some  2.5 million home health workers are graying . . .along with the clients they care for."  And, older people who need help are increasingly asking for "mature workers."  In this October 17, 2012 article, Ludden gives examples of 80 year olds caring for others of the same age.  She cites Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute data that reveals about 25% of aides to elders are in their mid-50's and the percentage is expected to grow.
And by all accounts, these older workers are especially well suited to the job.

Elders seem to prefer older workers and those close to their own age.  And they likely don't have to pay them as much as younger workers.

While the caregivers wages are low, caregivers protect themselve by not taking jobs that require lifting or moving hefty clients.  But most need the income and enjoy the company of their clients.  It's the older workers who remain on the job.

Do you have experience as a paid worker for older persons?  Did you have good work conditions?  Did you get paid on time?  What was your biggest challenge?  Please send your comments.

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