Monday, October 29, 2012

Nearly 40 Percent of HIV infected persons in Washington, DC, are over 50 years old

Washington, DC, must face up to HIV/AIDS among seniors; nearly 40 percent of affected older persons are over 50 years old. The Huff Post publication, DC Impact, posted Deborah Gresko's release on October 17, 2012.  She reports that seniors don't think that they are at risk due to their advanced age.  Some older women believe that menopause protects them against HIV/AIDS; other seniors think that if they are not sharing needles, then they are protected. Moreover, doctors rarely talk about unsafe sex or offer condoms to their senior patients. 

Finally, Viagra has given older men the capacity to have sex with many partners, including neighbors in nearby housing. After attending a recent workshop on the topic, an older woman said that she might share her new knowledge with her adult son.

What do you think?  Would you talk with your adult children about protecting themselves against HIV/AIDS?  Or, if you are a younger person, would you ask your grandmother about protective measures that she might need?  Have you or your friends been tested for HIV/AIDs?  Is it topic that you can even talk about?  Please comment.

Susanne Paul for Global Action on Aging

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