Wednesday, February 13, 2013

US Citizens: Stop ANY cuts to Medicare, Social Security or Medicaid

Roger Hickey, Co-Director of the Campaign for America's Future says we must act now!  Read this edited version of his post:

"Last night at the State of the Union speech, the President promised Republicans he wants to do 'entitlement reform' as part of a deficit deal. And he is still is still on record as willing to cut Social Security benefits for today’s seniors by imposing an inaccurate “chained CPI” formula --and to make unnamed Medicare cuts, in return for Republican support for more tax increases.

Contact your Senators and Representative today and tell them NO cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid in any budget deal.

The "chained CPI" involves a change to the cost-of-living adjustment, which compounds over time, cutting the benefits of an average earner by $1,100. By the time that person is 85, the cut amounts to the equivalent of 24 weeks of groceries a year.

We’ve got to get them . .  to get them to stop using our social insurance programs as bargaining chips. . .  

That’s why we ask you to send a message to your representatives in Congress: Refuse to vote for any future budget deal that cuts Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid benefits.

And tell them you need to know they won’t vote for the chained CPI. Politicians run on the promise that they will protect the benefits of current beneficiaries, and the chained CPI is a betrayal of that promise.

It's a battle we've won before and can win again. But we need your voice. Contact your Senators and Representative today.


Roger Hickey
Co-director, Campaign for America’s Future

Posted by Susanne Paul at Global Action on Aging

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