Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Older Japanese: A Crisis or an Opportunity?

Japanese Daily Press Reporter Ida Torres reports on older Japanese citizens who are dying alone as public and family support disappears.  The growing number of older persons 65 years and old will shortly constitute one in three Japanese citizens.  This is a triumph for the Japanese society that has  produced sufficient food, health, shelter and more throughout their lives, enabling citizens to live a long life.  

Some bemoan the decreasing birth rate.  However, we can see this situation as a breakthrough to lowering the world population and the resources that it will consume as the global climate changes.  The question, really, is whether the government and Japanese people are willing to support via taxes or other means, their elder citizens, and take responsibility to replace the disappearing family systems. 

What’s happening in your country?  Do public taxes or other programs support quality caregiving of older citizens?  Please comment to Global Action on Aging

Susanne Paul for GAA

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