Monday, March 18, 2013

Debate over Euthanasia in Tasmania

AUSTRALIA NEWS: "(Tasmania state proposed) Euthanasia laws spark debate," by Matt Smith (_Mercury_ [Hobart], Mar. 13, 2013).

A proposed new law in Tasmania would give this Australian State the opportunity to give advanced terminally ill patients an opportunity to take their own lives. Prime Minister Lara Giddings says that public opinion is "in favor of some form of voluntary assisted dying." Apparently legislative safeguards would be put in place to assure no heightened risk for people who may be vulnerable because of their age, disabilty or mental illness.

Do you have euthanasia opportunities in your country?  If so, will you please describe them?  Do you support this legislation?  Or not?  Please share your perspective with Global Action on Aging.

Susanne Paul
Global Action on Aging

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