Monday, December 24, 2012

Take Action to Save US Social Security

Dear GAA Friend,

Two days ago the MoveOn organization wrote to me--and probably hundreds of others--urging us to stop Congress from cutting Social Security benefits for me and millions of others.  The writer, Frank Burton, said, "I elected the President, and other Democrats, to protect Social Security and to ask the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes--not to cave in to Republican demands to cut the benefits that my family, and millions of other families, depend on."

Frank points out that last week President Obama offered to cut Social Security benefits.  And he said  that Democrats in Congress--whose support is needed to get a deal--are split on whether they'd allow Social Security cuts. 

What can ordinary people do to save this vital program that affects us all, particularly those of us who are old?   We must take action!  I will be marching into my Congressional Representative Charley Rangel's office with as many of my neighbors, friends and their children that we can assemble. 

What is our message?   Don't cut Social Security benefits!   I don't intend to sit back and let my children and neighbors' Social Security be robbed from us in full daylight.

If you live in the US, follow Frank Burton, Global Action on Aging, other Move On subscribers, and US citizens to stop this robbery of our Social Security. 

If you live in the New York area or can come to demonstrate, here is the address:  163 West 125th Street, New York, NY  10027-4404.  See you there!

Thanks and have a good holiday,   Susanne Paul for Global Action on Aging

PO Box 20022, New York, NY  10025

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  1. Don't just march. I wrote to the Congressman who represents my district and told him if he votes to cut Social Security IN ANY WAY, I will work to have him defeated in the primary the next time he runs for election. Write the same letter to your congressman or woman, and mean it. Follow up if they vote to cut Social Security by working against them.