Friday, November 16, 2012

No hope for Persons diagnosed with Alzheimer's

Global Action on Aging recently posted a list of items that might indicate Alzheimer's disease.  Today, November 16th, the New York Times published information that brain scan technology can now detect the presence of Alzheimer's disease.  However, once detected, there is no cure or treatment options.

Writer Gina Kolata says that over 300 new brain scanning machines are discovering "barnaclelike clumps of protein, beta amyloid, that, together with dementia, are the defining feature  of Alzheimer's."  More scanners are on the way to eager doctors. But getting a scan can be very expensive.  New York City's Mount Sinai Hospital charges $3,750 for the scan. More bad news: People wth brain plaques can be denied long-term health insurance. 

If you had the money, would you get a brain scan?  Would you want to know the results?  Do you want others to know?  What are your feelings about privacy on this issue?  Please share your ideas  in our "Comment" section.  Feel free to use a pseudonym or no name if you wish. 

And find three good ways to enjoy your weekend!

Susanne Paul for Global Action on Aging



  1. Well, yes I would want a brain scan to see my results. I also believe that everyone has a right to privacy. It's incredible that you can be denied long term health insurance, what the heck is it for if you can't use it?? Insurance companies infuriate me, they are only out to get your money, but are reluctant to pay it back out.

    1. Dear Ajlounyinjurylaw, You are making a good point about hospitals sharing information about our health which can strip us of our long-term health insurance. Are there others who want to speak up on this issue. How private is private? Why purchase insurance if one cannot access it? Best, GAA