Monday, February 16, 2009

Aukje de Vries' Diary Day 29

This is likely to become a dull week. No interesting meetings or exciting events. An appointment with the dentist (again!), with the periodontist’s assistant and with the hairdresser and a lot of desk work to be done.

The weather forecast for the entire week is bad. More grey, cold and wet weather expected. One advantage is that it is not so hard to stay put and do office work when the weather is bad. When the sun is out I want to go outside. Living not far from the North Sea, the beach and the dunes is an advantage!

I call my friend Mina, with whom I go to the theatre from time to time. I got a special offer for a play, performed in The Hague during the weekend. Yes, Mina would like to join me. That is nice. I will get tickets for Friday.

Esther has invited me to another play, which is given a week later, written and played by an older comedian we (and Esther especially) like very much. Sounds interesting. I offer to go and get the tickets. Walking to the theatre and back will be my exercise for the day.

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